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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is E-Tuning?

A:  E-Tuning puts you at the controls of flashing and logging your Evo all while I tune it completely remotely.  This allows me to tune any Evo in any location around the World as long as there is an internet connection available.


Q:  ​What software is required for E-Tuning?

A: Evoscan and Ecuflash will be used for tuning.  Evoscan is used for data logging and Ecuflash is used for flashing the tune.  

Q:  Is the E-Tuning process difficult?

A:  The process of E-Tuning with the Evo X is very simple.  Even with very little computer knowledge you'll be able to flow through the process thanks in part to my introduction email and video that is included with your base map.  This email has a full instructional break down including pictures on how to set up the software and the video will walk you step by step through the setup as well.  You'll be flashing revisions and logging your Evo via laptop and Tactrix cable per my instructions that come with your base map.

Q:  Is E-Tuning done on the street or dyno?

A:  E-Tuning sessions can be done on either the street or dyno, but 90% of the time it's done on the street.  Street is my preferred method of tuning.  If you'd prefer for your vehicle to be tuned on a dyno you'd be responsible for renting out the dyno for the time needed to dial in the vehicle.  Contact me via email prior to placing your order if you would like to schedule a dyno tuning session.

Q:  What type of road is needed for E-Tuning?

A:  The best road for street tuning would be flat, straight, and smooth.

Q:  Do you only tune remotely?  Will you travel?

A:  I do offer live tuning and have traveled to location for live tuning sessions.  Client is responsible for travel costs plus day rate.  Contact via email for more information.

Q:  Do you support Accessport tuning?

A:  I no longer support Accessport tuning for the Evo X.  The best way to tune your stock ECU Evo X will be through Open Source tuning.     

Q:  Will I have to unmarry my Accessport before tuning with you if I go with Open Source?

A:  Yes, the Accessport must be unmarried from your vehicle before attempting to flash my tune onto your ECU or you risk potentially bricking your ECU which will then require a bench flash.

Q:  What is Tephra? 


Q:  Do I need a Tephra v1 or v3 rom?

A:  Tephra V1 rom can be used for free on any Evo X 2008-2010.  

Tephra V3 rom will be required for any Evo X 2011+ OR ANY Evo X getting Flex Fuel tuning.  

Tephra V3 rom features many updates over the V1 like KNOCKCUT, 9 Alt Maps, Flex Fuel, No Lift Shift, Launch Control Maps, High/Low Gear MIVEC, and more!

The cost for the Tephra V3 rom is only $100 and can either be ordered through Tephra or through me.  Select yes to the Tephra V3 License on the order page when you order through me.

Q:  I already bought a V3 rom for my car.  Can I reuse it?

A: Yes, but only if you have the original email from Tephra if you ordered direct that you can then forward to me.    


 Q:  What all has to be done to my vehicle prior to tuning?

A:  Compression test and pressurized boost leak test must be done prior to tuning.  

Q:  How long does the E-Tuning process take?

A:  My goal is to ensure your vehicle is tuned in one single day session.  Once we have a scheduled date and time for your tune make sure you have at least 4 hours of free time.  Assuming your car comes to me 100% with zero issues the whole process can be completed in as little as 2 hours.  

Q:  Can I drive my vehicle with my new mods prior to tuning?

A: Intake Change - No

Exhaust Change - Yes, but no WOT

Injector Change - No

Fuel Pump Change - Yes, but no WOT

Turbo Change - Yes, but no WOT

Manifold Change - Yes, but no WOT

UICP/LICP/3 Port - Yes, but no WOT

Q:  How much power can I expect out of my setup?

A: This can vary depending on Fuel Type, OAT (Outside Air Temperature), and Elevation.  Below is a general idea of what to expect for popular modification combinations at Sea Level ranging from mild to aggressive. FBO meaning at least a test pipe, 3 port, uicp, upgraded intercooler.  

Stock Turbo / FBO / 91 Octane - 305whp to 325whp

Stock Turbo / FBO / 93 Octane - 335whp to 365whp

Stock Turbo / FBO / 1000cc+ Injectors / Walbro 255, Aeromotive 340, or Walbro 450, E85 - 370whp to 400whp

Please send an email for any inquiry about larger turbo power estimates as that will require additional fueling modifications.

Q:  Is E85 safe to use?

A:  Yes.  There's been zero issues that I've dealt with from long term E85 use in an Evo X.

Q:  Which fuel pump and injectors will I need if I want to run E85 on my stock turbo Evo X?

A:  1000cc or larger injectors would be required.  ID1000, ID1050x, or FIC1000's would be my personal recommendations.  For the fuel pump you'll need either a Walbro 255, Aeromotive 340, or Walbro 450. 

Q:  Do I need to hardwire my aftermarket fuel pump?

A:  No.  Hardwiring your fuel pump will not be required unless I personally tell you that a hardwire will be required.  Mainly for clients interested in 670+ whp on a single Walbro 450.  Although I'd recommend a double pumper by that point.

Q:  How much power can I make SAFELY with a stock engine?

A:  500whp and 400wtq is about what I would call the "safe" limit of the 4b11t.  Assuming zero hardware issues or failures.  There's many other Evo's I've taken to 550+whp without issue.  Beyond the 500whp mark I will have a disclaimer that we are now entering "send it" territory.  Tuning will be dialed in to perfection and be consistent.  If failure were to occur, it would be due to a mechanical failure or bad fuel mixture (i.e., Running E50 on your E85 kill tune)

Q:  How do you know how aggressive to tune my car?

A:  I will always ask before we start what your power goals and expectations are.  

Q:  What is the difference between Dual Maps and Flex Fuel tuning?

A:  Dual Maps is a user switchable function programmed into the ECU which will allow 2 separate maps.  These 2 maps could be used for a few different things like 2 fuel types(93 octane map/e85 map) or 2 boost maps (high/low).  To switch between these maps you would simply press and hold a button on the steering wheel.  If switching between 2 fuels like gasoline and ethanol you would need to make sure the tank is ran down completely empty to the last fuel low light and then switch maps.

Flex Fuel utilities a flex fuel sensor which comes in most Evo X specific Flex Fuel kits.  A Tephra V3 rom is then calibrated by me to automatically interpolate your maps for you.  This means you can pump any mix of your 2 fuels and be able to drive without any issues and no dealing with manual map switching.

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