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GReddy is proud to announce the Revolution RS line of exhaust systems. Named for the revolutionary approach to the design and construction of each application, this racing-sport line focuses on performance with an aggressive look and sound. Careful attention to the flow of exhaust layouts and the internal straight-through construction of each muffler and resonator sets this system apart from similar-looking imitators. Updated ultra high-temperature resistant, sound suppression materials of various densities and high-quality TIG-welded 304 stainless-steel provide premium quality at an affordable price. The tri-mounted Revolution tip also allows for customization of sound levels and styling via an optional silencer and a burnt Titanium tip. As with our new exhaust lines for 2014-15, the Revolution RS is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


ADDITIONAL NOTES: Reuse factory gasket and bolts for the mid-pipe
GASKET(S): 3" oval (qty: 1 included) replacement
PIPING: 76mm (3")
SOUND LEVEL: 98 dB(a) @ 5250 RPM
TIP: 115mm (4.5")  L170mm (6.7") non-removable
TYPE: Single-sided cat-back system (R)
WEIGHT: 22.5 lbs  (-20.21lbs)

Greddy Revolution RS Exhaust

$695.00 Regular Price
$660.00Sale Price
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