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The Crankcase Catch Can Kits install immediately behind the LH headlight and plumbs in-line with the crankcase vent hose. This is the hose that connects from the port on the valve cover to the turbo air intake pipe.  Please select which Model Year your Evo X is before placing the order.  There are differences between 2008-2009 and 2010-2015. These aforementioned kits were designed with the OEM intake system. If an aftermarket intake is installed, consider purchasing 20-0300 Alternate Location Mount separately.

When the engine is at high load (WOT), this hose will experience flow out of the engine and into the intake pipe. This draws unwanted crankcase vapors, unspent fuel, and oil sludge into the air filter intake pipe, turbocharger compressor, etc. This can lead to oil collection in the intercooler. Oil coating the inside of the intercooler will lower the thermal efficiency of the intercooler and decrease performance. The cathc can kit will help collect the contaminants before they can get to the intake pipe.


Whats included in the 20-0106-08 and 20-0106-10 Crankcase Catch Can Kits:
-Billet oil catch can with integrated condenser and dipstick
-Laser cut powder coated LH mounting bracket
-Anodized aluminum hose ends and adapter fittings
-Enough PCV hose for custom applications 
-Stainless steel mounting hardware  

Radium Engineering Crankcase Catch Can Kit for 2008-2015 Evo X

$209.95 Regular Price
$195.99Sale Price
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