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Mitsubishi Evo Stand Alone remote tuning services now available.  This tune service is a live session via TeamViewer and can be done with street tuning or dyno.  Please contact me via email ahead of time for scheduling before placing your order.  


Supported ECU's;


EMU Classic

EMU Black

Haltech Elite Series

Haltech Platinum Series

AEM Infinity

Motec M1 Series

Link ECU


In the notes please provide me with your Evo Year, Trim (GSR/MR),VIN, the ECU used and all modifications done to the vehicle including which fuels will be used. THIS IS MANDATORY.


A wideband connected to the ECU is required for this service.


Delivery time is generally 24-36 hours for tune delivery after purchase. Excluding orders placed on Friday or over the weekend.  


Tune Aggressiveness Break Down;


Conservative = I will tune your car as conservative as possible with low boost levels


Average = I will tune your car to average levels and not push things too hard


Full Send = I will tune your car to max levels for the setup.  This is an extreme selection for those that want their setup pushed to the max and is used at your own risk



Tuning Schedule is Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm CST and Friday 9am-6pm CST.  Closed Weekends.




***Vehicle must be ready to tune with NO hardware issues***


***Once your base map has been delivered NO REFUNDS***

Stand Alone ECU Tuning

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