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GT SPEC Evo X Turbo 


Check out my review video of the GT Spec Turbo on my personal Evo X here -


Our GT Spec Hybrid turbo comes with the popular GT3582R billet compressor wheel flow rated @ 64lbs/min.

With our TPC clipped turbine wheel you will reach 28psi at around 4500rpm on stock cams and make close to 600whp+ on E85 with supporting mods and aggressive tuning.

We chose the 61.3mm 35R billet compressor wheel option as it has better overall balance of the rotating assembly along with peak spool times in mind. We attached a screen shot of the most recent logs with MIVEC dialed in with this TPC GT Spec. 

Upgraded thrust components and bearings are installed in all our performance turbos to ensure they will handle your high boost demands. 

High-quality turbine housings are used to ensure you will not suffer unwanted cracks like OEM housings are plagued with. To know if you are purchasing a quality housing you can try to stick a magnet to the housing. If housing is superior quality the magnet will NOT stick. 

Your new power house GT Spec turbo will come with an upgraded 1.5bar (22psi) waste gate actuator. To help you with the install, new Exhaust gaskets, coolant and oil gaskets will be included.

High speed VSR balanced in house to 100 000 rpm +

All Evo X turbos are built and balanced in Canada by us with 100% new parts. We ship worldwide and usually have all the parts in stock ready to start building.    Please contact us for current build times when ready to place the order. Duty fees and rates may vary depending your country of residence.

In the event this turbo is not in stock, expect build times between 10-15 business days.


  • Compressor inducer 61.3mm
  • Turbine exducer 58mm
  • Actuator spring rate 22psi
  • 525-600whp+ on E85 and 450-475 whp on 93 pump
  • Install gaskets included
  • VSR balanced
  • 1 year warranty
  • Upgraded -4an oil feed line required


***Please note that you are responsible for any duty/custom fees for importing this item into the USA***

TPC GT Spec 2008-2015 Evo X

$1,800.00 Regular Price
$1,745.00Sale Price
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